Olivia Munn 34-25-35 Measurements

Olivia Munn is the unheralded "queen of the geeks", but what is it about this lovely lady that makes her so damn irresistible?

Is it her gorgeous eyes, her outgoing and fun loving personality, or is it her amazingly tantalizing curves? Perhaps its the total package, but i suspect her stunning 34-25-35 body measurements have something to do with it...

Olivia Munn Sunglasses

Checkout Ms. fabulous herself, Olivia Munn, looking exceptionally posh as she dons a dazzling circular pair of designer sunglasses by Yves St Laurent.

These kinda remind me of large stylish bottle cap shades, like from the 1930s or so...

Looking to buy a pair? They sell for around $200 and the model number is 6299/S.

Olivia Munn Net Worth

Its seems like Olivia Munn is slowing taking over the world, winning over the hearts of millions one person at a time. And with work on her television show, her book and recent movie roles, i wonder what her money net worth is up to nowadays?

I bet she has already reached the million dollar mark, wouldn't ya think?

Olivia Munn Shoe Size

Somebody said that Olivia Munn had big feet, so i felt compelled to search out and discover her shoe size.

After a short spin around the web, i was able to determine that Olivia Munn's shoe size is actually 7.5 (US).

Olivia Munn Height

Often time i find myself wondering the heights of my favorite celebrities and so i decided to check and see how tall Olivia Munn is.

After finding the results on her personal website, i am happy to report back that Olivia Munn is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

And despite her rather small stature, i believe many women are looking up to Olivia Munn. What a role model!

Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery?

I just read this ridiculous article about Olivia Munn possibly having breast implants, which is clearly just a load of nonsense.

Really!?! Its pretty easy to spot natural and fake breasts, and Olivia Munn has 100% real breasts, absolutely zero plastic surgery on this exotic goddess.

Olivia Munn isn't one of those bleached blonde bimbos who think fake lips, nose and breasts are the only chance for acceptance in the land of show business.

No, Olivia Munn is a unbelievably stunning natural beauty and she knows it! I doubt she will ever go under the knife for plastic surgery.

OK the rant is over, back to admiring Olivia Munn's perfection.

Olivia Munn White Teeth

Has anyone else noticed how perfect the teeth of Olivia Munn are?

You really gotta admire a set of teeth this spectacular and well taken care of.

And have you seen how white they are? Simply stunning, Olivia, you are a diamond in the rough.